Educational Opportunity Center Services

We provide information and services related to any post-secondary school, including colleges, universities, and schools offering vocational and technical programs. Assistance for those who want to return to high school or earn their GED is also offered. Services are free and confidential.




  • Information on educational institutions within the region, state and the United States

  • Assistance with completion of college or vocational/technical admission forms

  • Discussion about choosing a program of study

  • Assistance with transferring to an upper-level college or university


Financial Aid

  • Explanation of the financial aid process

  • Assistance with completing and filing financial aid forms, including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA),, which determines Pell Grant funds

  • Information about how to apply for college work study

  • Information on searching and applying for local, state, and private scholarships and grants

  • Referrals for information on reconciling defaulted student loans


Educational and Career Exploration

  • Assessments to discover your career interests

  • Discussion of careers that match your interests and aptitude

  • Information on colleges and vocational/technical programs related to your interests

  • Information on selected careers, including job descriptions, employment trends and wage forecasts

Referrals to Support Services


Tutoring for the ACT (American College Test) and PERT (Post-secondary Educational Readiness Test)



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